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Draft Zoning Changes

The borough of Jim Thorpe is in the process of substantially revising the zoning laws for our borough. This will impact every current and future home owner and business. Now is your last opportunity to be heard and affect these laws before they go into effect.

In basic terms, a zoning ordinance divides all land within a municipality into zones or districts, and creates regulations that apply generally to the municipality as a whole, as well as specific individual districts. In its preparation stage, the zoning ordinance should incorporate the existing and future needs documents in the compressive plan. Zoning should allow all lawful types of land uses and developments, including new or evolving uses. has prepared a downloadable version of the draft ordinance accessible here. If you have any questions or comments you can email them to and we will present them anonymously on your behalf to borough council so you only have to provide your recommendations to be heard.


Now is your last chance to take action while these laws are being written!
Council is expected to vote on these changes in early 2023. 

Other useful resources: 

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