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Eureka Springs, South Dakota

“Eureka Springs has numerous venues for Eco-Tourism visitors; hiking, biking, paddle boats, swimming, birding, backpacking, mountain biking and geo-caching. Beaver and Table Rock Lakes are close, as are the White, Kings and Buffalo Rivers. The city believes deeply in protecting our environment. Our mayor is one of four in Arkansas who signed the 2007 the United States Climate Protection Agreement. Many of our residents have taken on the responsibility of greening." Eureka Springs was awarded the "SHINE" award from Keep Arkansas Beautiful in 2008. We are also the oldest Tree City USA in Arkansas -- since 1981!

Our public transit system is notable for a city of this size with extensive routes for both residents and visitors. The narrated Tram Tours are a good way to learn our history and get a feel for the unusual street system. The best way to get to know Eureka Springs is up-close. Please enjoy our in-town walking trails. There are no "bad neighborhoods" here and the mountains present a different landscape with each season. We have attractions for all interests in the city limits and more nearby.”

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There are currently 715 active short-term (* rentals in Eureka Springs

There are approximately 11 hotels or bed and breakfasts (* in Eureka Springs

There are approximately 59 restaurants (*Yelp) servicing downtown Eureka Springs 

Population 2,166 Total Population in Eureka Springs city, Arkansas (Census)

Children 13.0% +/- 4.5% Under 18 years old in Eureka Springs city, Arkansas (Census)

Housing $646 +/- $51 Median Gross Rent in Eureka Springs city, Arkansas (Census)

Housing Units 1,439 Total Housing Units in Eureka Springs city, Arkansas (Census)

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Comparable Business Districts

Study of other successful small town historic business districts around the country can help us understand how to better adapt to address the challenges our community faces as well as to better achieve our goals. The following comparable business districts have similar geographical limitations and each share distinct similarities with Jim Thorpe. But they differ in that each has developed tourism in a way that it has become a primary driver of employment for the area.

These town’s all provide a high quality of life for their residents and each has recently been rated as one of the 50 best small mountain towns in America. All have developed either or a combination of satellite parking and trolly service to accommodate the volume of business to the area, have similar sized historic business districts, and some even have developed gondolas to transport people in and out of town. 

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