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About Us

The concept of is that will serve as a community resource to help facilitate the exchange of information and ideas. And to help local government develop long range planning strategies through community action. 

I was born and raised in coal country Pennsylvania, and spent time throughout my adult life working as a community organizer and activist. In 2000, my brother moved to Leighton and in 2004, to Jim Thorpe. Born and raised as an NEPA resident, I've been visiting Jim Thorpe my whole life. Now having spent significant time here with my brother and his family, we moved here ourselves in 2020. 


Now a resident of Jim Thorpe, I want to use my experience as a community organizer and professional background to help make our community better. We have some problems and we have new ones coming. I want to help bring people together to build productive solutions to our towns challenges and to help others put their ideas into action. 


Since moving here in 2020 I have been actively engaged with community organizations and local government, listening and learning about those issues which are most important to Jim Thorpe residents and businesses. Little by little I've tried to offer input and enjoy working with local leaders to help develop actionable solutions for the town. 


Having served on the Board of directors of both state and national organizations, I understand the importance of working with others. In time, can build into a force for positive change in our community, but that requires you. 


If we embrace the collaborative nature of this endeavor, we can create productive solutions for everyone. I hope you will join me to support this effort in good faith, just as it was intended. 


Sincerely, Brian

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