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Jim Thorpe and County Election Results Yield Few Surprises

By: Brian Evans November 8th, 2023

Local elections concluded yesterday, and the outcomes were somewhat expected. In Jim Thorpe, a majority of the voters lean Republican. There also wasn't many opportunities for the candidates to engage with the community to clarify their stances or objectives for their respective offices. Consequently, many voters relied on name recognition or party affiliation when making their choices for School Director and Borough Council positions, resulting in decisions that mostly followed party lines.

Of the 5 seats available for the Jim Thorpe school board, Pearl Shekler (R) led all vote getters with 2,072 votes followed by Michelle Banks (R), Christopher Fischi (R), Michelle Mazzola (R), and Scott Pompa (R). Shekler, Fischi, and Mazzola ran both on the republican and democratic tickets.

Jim Thorpe borough council will see some new faces over the next few years. Of the four seats available, Robert Schaninger (D) was re-elected, as was Michael Yeastedt who ran on both republican and democratic tickets. Leading vote earner was Sydney Wernett (R) who garnered 975 votes to serve a 4 year term on borough council. Also joining council for the first time will be Connor Rodgers (R).

Many residents will be sad to lose Jim Thorpe mayor, Michael Sofranko, who successfully ran with Wayne Nothstein on the republican ticket to win the open Carbon county commissioner seat. Also on the county level, Kayla Herman (R) was elected Controller over challenger Sam Lux (D) in a closely contested election.

With new leadership at both the borough and county levels, the next few years promise to usher in some changes. This year, the borough council is expected to make important decisions, including voting on extensive new zoning regulations that will significantly shape the community's future. They will also be called upon to find creative solutions to challenges posed by Jim Thorpe's thriving tourism industry and to address the wide array of other issues that local governments routinely handle to ensure communities remain vibrant and responsive to the needs of their residents.

The exact nature of the changes they envision for Jim Thorpe and Carbon County may still be uncertain, but with these fresh faces in leadership roles, there will surely be much to report on in the years ahead and a community that wishes them luck.

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