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Articles Wanted for New Jim Thorpe Online News Website

Now accepting community submissions

By: Brian Evans November 13th, 2022

It can be easy to get mired down in the bog that is our current news media landscape. With all of the information, and miss-information, that we are subjected to on a daily basis, finding the news that really matters most to us can feel harder than escaping your TikTok or Facebook feed on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The result is that we often end up wasting seemingly endless amounts of time scrolling through information that means very little to our actual lives.

News media is usually created to generate a profit, and with that, the news that we most often get is that news which makes the most money instead of that news which matters most. And in a hyper local way, no one knows the news better or gets it faster than the residents that live here. After all, who can tell a story better than the people who are actually living it.

So this article is more of a request to you the stewards and current residents of Jim Thorpe, to help write the history of this beautifully unique little town. In addition to serving as a resource and platform for community organization, will also now tell the stories of our community from the minds and mouths of the community itself. It's your chance to talk about what matters most to you, to tell a story, talk about an event, discuss a problem, ask for action, etc. will curate, edit, format, and post the articles here which can then be shared individually on any mobile device or to social media. So all you need to do message us the story. The more you use News as a resource to tell and share your stories, the more power those stories will have. So Jim Thorpe, what's on your mind? Read, write, share.

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